Book Fairs and Schools Benefits

  • BookUp will organize everything. 
  • We will provide quality literature for every age.
  • We will make your book fair as small or large as you’d like and can provide the specific titles you request.
  • Complimentary book delivery, set-up and tear-down.
  • Personalized service and recommendations.

Let’s Talk About the Money

Your school will earn 10% of books sold at your fair, in Books!

  • A week-long book fair run by school volunteers and BookUp staff.
  • A 3-day book fair run by BookUp staff.

Frequently Asked Questions


We would love to set up an appointment to see how we can work with you.


What dates are available for book fairs and how long do they last?

We can make just about any set of dates work for you!

Book fairs can last from 3 days to an entire week. You will have the ability to choose what suits your school best.


Who is responsible for running the book fair?

Librarian will have the option of running the book fair with school and having the BookUp staff members too.


What does the set-up and take-down process entail?

BookUp will be the responsible for all this process, the stand presentation will depend of the space available.


How does the BookUp book fair compare to the others?

We strive to provide quality literature for your students. Unlike others, we will cater the book list to your needs and provide exciting marketing. We will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and get your students excited about reading.

The most important thing our system tells you the total of sales for each day,

we do not charge or discount anything else like other companies.


Will books in Spanish be available?

Is able to provide a wide selection of both Spanish and bilingual books. You can discuss this preference at your initial organizational meeting.


What is the general cost of the books?

Most books at the fair will be paperbacks that cost between $50.00 MX and $200.00 MX. We are able to provide a selection of hardcover books that cost a bit more but will work with your school to decide on what titles are right for you.


What non-book material comes with the book fair?

Students love the gadgets, toys, posters, etc. at book fairs, although your book fair will primarily include literature, we are also able to provide items such as journals, activity books, games and educational toys. We can work with your school to decide how many of these items you wish to sell.


Will my school make any money?

No, your school will receive books from the total of sales, you can take that commission from the books we have in store o book fair or you can make a list of specific book that your school needs and we can order and deliver to you.


Which payment methods are available for kids and parents?

Cash and credit or debit card.