A smart girl's guide : manners, the secret to grac
by Holyoke, Nancy   A guide to etiquette for girls, covering cell phones, eating at a fancy restaurant, instant messages, and more.
A smart girl's guide. Drama, rumors & secrets :sta
by Holyoke, Nancy   Shares advice on how to avoid and diffuse drama-related challenges including jealousy, gossip, and cyberbullying.
Life lessons for the teenage girl : quotes, inspir
by  Tonelli, Kelly   Includes index. "Provides valuable and entertaining advice from women who have attained success in business, politics, sports, and entertainment. Their goal in offering advice is to spare teenage girls some ... (Leer más)
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The body image survival guide for parents : helpin
by Warhaft-Nadler, Marci   "Tackles the tough questions that you and your kids face as they negotiate aspects of body image and self-esteem in a world filled with adverse messages. Hands-on tips and activities, real questions a ... (Leer más)
The feelings book : the care & keeping of your emo
by Madison, Lynda   This invaluable companion to The Care & Keeping of You received its own fresh update! The Feelings Book will help you understand your emotions, and deal with them in positive ways. You'll get tips on how to ... (Leer más)
The feelings book journal
by Madison, Lynda   This updated journal, designed to help you understand your emotions, is the perfect companion to The Feelings Book. It's a great hands-on guide that will help you identify and handle all kinds of emotions wi ... (Leer más)