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All That We Are Together - Let It Be (#2)

All That We Are Together - Let It Be (#2)

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Alice Kellen
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: January 23, 2024
Ship Date: January 23, 2024
9781728283791, 1728283795
Trade Paperback
480 pages
Series: Let It Be (#2)
21 cm H | 14 cm W | 3 cm T
  • Fiction / Romance / New Adult 
  • Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

International bestselling author Alice Kellen takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with her exhilarating New Adult romances

Three years have passed since Axel Nguyen shattered Leah Jones’ heart into a million pieces. She pretends to move on with a guy from University, but she can only truly escape thoughts of Axel when she's painting. At least one good thing has come out of all of it: her dream of exhibiting her work is finally coming true.

Axel is achingly aware of how much he misses Leah every day. He thought seeing more of his best friend Oliver, Leah’s brother, would lift his spirits; but it hurts even more. When Oliver lets slip to Axel about Leah’s exhibit, Axel knows he has to go see her. Being in the same room with Leah, as beautiful and magnetic as he remembers, leaves Axel desperate. Leah finds herself breathless in his presence. Is she ready to let Axel come back into her life?

Against her better judgment, Leah accepts Axel as her agent, but being Axel's client blurs the lines of their relationship. While Axel’s fierce and relentless support for Leah leads her to begin to trust him again, rebuilding their friendship is almost as frustrating as holding back their desires. When Leah is offered a grant to travel to Paris, a whole new world opens up. It isn't until Axel reluctantly boards the next flight back to Australia at her request that it all becomes astonishingly clear—Axel is her past, present, and future, and her heart belongs to him.

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