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Blood Sex Magic

Blood Sex Magic

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Bri Luna
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: October 31, 2023
9780063081451, 0063081458
240 pages | Announced 1st Print: 75K
60 4-color illustrations
22.9 cm H | 17.8 cm W | 2.1 cm T | 453.6 g Wt
  • Body, Mind & Spirit / Witchcraft

An intimate, illustrated collection of spells and stories to infuse our lives with ritual, history, and magic from the visionary artist and infamous witch Bri Luna, founder and creative director of “The Hoodwitch.”

Blood Sex Magic is an invitation and an awakening—a guide toward a life of connection to self and spirit, to the seen and unseen realms, and to magical traditions past and future. Born with both Mexican/Indigenous and African roots, Bri Luna honors the traditions of tarot, nature, and root working, and celebrates magic that is “from dirt and blood, jewels and bones, moon and sun.”

Full of stunning photography and color illustrations, and brimming with incantations, spells, stories, vignettes, and warnings, Blood Sex Magic is divided into three powerful sections:

  • BLOOD uncovers Bri’s roots, with passages for setting boundaries, protection, and honoring the dead
  • SEX reveals the art of love magic, a celebration of the goddess, lust, and femininity, with spells for seduction and revenge
  • MAGIC offers meaningful daily rituals, including those for self-love, peace, beauty, and prosperity

An instant classic and timeless resource for both new and experienced witches alike, this beautiful collection shows us how to access the untapped magic within, and encourages us to see and channel that same magic in the world around us.

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