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Dandadan, Vol. 3

Dandadan, Vol. 3

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Yukinobu Tatsu, Kumar Sivasubramanian (Translated by)
BACKLIST | April 11, 2023
9781974735310, 1974735311
Trade Paperback
210 pages
Series: Dandadan
19.1 cm H | 12.7 cm W | 1.3 cm T | 197.3 g Wt
  • Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Supernatural
A nerd must fight powerful spirits and aliens all vying for the secret power of his “family jewel,” so who better to fight alongside him than his high school crush and a spirit granny?!

Momo Ayase and Okarun are on opposite sides of the paranormal spectrum regarding what they’ll believe in and what they won’t. Their quest to prove each other wrong leads them down a path of secret crushes and paranormal battles they’ll have to participate in to believe!

Okarun, a high school boy obsessed with supernatural phenomena, has lost his precious family jewels in a battle with Turbo Granny! His classmate Aira ends up finding one, and it awakens spiritual powers within her. Around this same time, a strange woman in a red dress appears at the school and attacks Aira, Okarun, and Momo! Who is she, and what’s with her obsession with Aira?

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