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Dark One, Book 1

Dark One, Book 1

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Brandon Sanderson, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Nathan C. Gooden (Illustrated by), Adrian F. Wassel (Edited by)
FRONTLIST | May 16, 2023
9781638491835, 1638491836
Trade Paperback
224 pages
4 color Graphic Novel
27.6 cm H | 17.5 cm W | 1.5 cm T | 453.6 g Wt
  • Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy

From #1 New York Times Bestselling, Hugo Award-winning author, Brandon Sanderson, comes DARK ONE. Paul Tanasin is haunted by visions of a dark, fantastic world. A world called Mirandus. A world he must shatter.


From #1 New York Times bestselling, Hugo Award-winning author, Brandon Sanderson (THE MISTBORN TRILOGY, THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE series, co-author of The Wheel of Time Vol. 12-14 with Robert Jordan, consulting producer on The Wheel of Time series from Amazon Studios ), along with Nathan C. Gooden, Jackson Lanzing, and Collin Kelly, comes DARK ONE, the first book in a series of original graphic novels from Vault Comics.


Paul Tanasin is a young man haunted by visions of a dark and fantastic world—visions he initially believes are hallucinations. But when he discovers they are prophecies from Mirandus, a world in which he's destined to become a fearsome destroyer, he'll have to embrace the fear, rise up as the Dark One, and shatter everything. DARK ONE examines the dual roles we often take on in life-the ability to be a savior as well as a destroyer.

"A dramatically dark fantasy that will leave readers eager for the sequel." - KIRKUS

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Graphic Novels and Comics (2021)

“(Dark One) is a thought-provoking interpretation of epic fantasy from a villainous point of view.” – Screen Rant

Dark One is a great read for fantasy lovers…” – Wandering Nerd Girl

“The art is beautiful, dark, and violent.” – Screen Rant

“[DARK ONE is] a brilliant graphic novel that has some amazing themes delving into the duality of man and light and dark. The creative team tells Paul’s story beautifully, making sure that this novel will leave an impact.“ - But Why Tho?

“Brandon Sanderson’s DARK ONE is the realization of a supremely ambitious Vault Comics ideal. It’s a literary comic that blends high concept storytelling interests across genres without sacrificing any of the craft, structure, or character development needed to make narratives compelling and immersive.“ -- Comics Bookcase

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