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Everyday Dharma

Everyday Dharma

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Suneel Gupta
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: September 5, 2023
9780063143876, 0063143879
192 pages | Announced 1st Print: 75K
22.9 cm H | 15.2 cm W | 1.9 cm T | 453.6 g Wt
  • Self-Help / Personal Growth / Happiness

Find your dharma—your inner calling—and learn to integrate ambition, work, and wellbeing to create a balanced, joyous life with this practical, life-changing guide from the beloved speaker, bestselling author, and co-founder of the Gross National Happiness Center.

Success leads to joy—that's the blueprint that gets handed down from generation to generation. But what happens when no matter how hard you strive, you still feel empty inside? The answer you’re seeking lies in your Dharma, your “inner calling.” When you’re in your Dharma, you feel confident, creative, and caring. You have a sense of purpose that shines through your life and work. 

For thousands of years, the way of Dharma has transformed lives and provided a framework to integrate ambition, work, and happiness. Now, this timeless wisdom is at your fingertips.

Rooted in Western science and Eastern philosophy, Everyday Dharma delivers breakthrough habits, powerful lessons, and unforgettable stories. You will rediscover your essence, follow your wildest ambitions, and finally know what it means to experience lasting success and joy.

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