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Elsie Silver
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: November 7, 2023
Ship Date: November 7, 2023
9781728297026, 1728297028
Trade Paperback
464 pages
Series: Chestnut Springs (#3)
8 in H | 5 in W | 1.2 in T
  • Fiction / Romance / Contemporary 
  • Fiction / Romance / Western
  • Fiction / Romance / New Adult

From beloved TikTok author Elsie Silver comes a contemporary cowboy romance between a golden-hearted TV athlete and the childhood friend who's loved him for years. When her life falls apart on her wedding day, it makes sense Jasper is the one to swoop in and save her...but he'll have to prove he really wants her after years of turning her away.

Two childhood friends. Two broken hearts. One impromptu road trip to get away from everything. That’s all this was supposed to be.

To Jasper Gervais’s fans, he’s the handsome, talented hockey heartthrob on TV. But to Sloane, he’ll always be the lost boy with the sad eyes and a heart of gold.

The man she’s loved in secret all her life.

So when her life falls apart on the day she’s supposed to marry someone else, it only makes sense that he’s the one to swoop in and save her. And when his world comes crashing down around him, she’s there to return the favor.

But the more time they spend alone, the more Jasper isn’t looking at her like a friend anymore. He isn’t touching her like one, either. And after all these years, he’s still everything she’s ever wanted, everything she thought she could never have.

Their feelings aren’t straightforward, though. They twist and turn around the pain of Jasper’s past and the reality of Sloane’s present.

Jasper Gervais might act like he wants her.

But after years of turning her away, he’s going to need to prove it.

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