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Prince Maesa

Prince Maesa

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Guy Haley
FRONTLIST | May 23, 2023
9781800262652, 1800262655
Trade Paperback
368 pages
Series: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
19.8 cm H | 13 cm W | 2.3 cm T | 240.4 g Wt
  • Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Follow the story of Prince Maesa, an exiled Aelvan prince as he searchs tirelessly to retrieve something he has lost…

For centuries, Prince Maesa of the nomad clans has wandered the Mortal Realms. Exiled from his people for the crime of loving a human woman, Maesa’s woes were compacted by bereavement, for human lives are brief sparks compared to those of the aelves.

Since Ellamar’s death Maesa has sought tirelessly for a means to bring her back. Now, accompanied by the spite Shattercap, Maesa nears the end of his quest, single-mindedly daring the deserts of Shyish, the fury of slumbering demigods and the wrath of daemons to restore the life of his true love.

Yet the souls of the departed are guarded jealously by the God of Death. To carry out a true resurrection is to earn his contempt, and Nagash is the most unforgiving of all the realms’ deities…

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