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Saving 6

Saving 6

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Chloe Walsh
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: February 20, 2024
Ship Date: February 20, 2024
9781464215995, 1464215995
Trade Paperback
512 pages
Series: Boys of Tommen (#3)
22.9 cm H | 15.2 cm W | 3.3 cm T
  • Young Adult Fiction / Romance / Contemporary 
  • Young Adult Fiction / Social Themes / Dating & Sex
  • Young Adult Fiction / Sports & Recreation
Ages 16 to 18, Grades 10 to 12

Chloe Walsh's BookTok sensation Boys of Tommen continues with Saving 6, the first of two books for Aoife and Joey. Falling into a complicated friendship with her father’s apprentice, Aoife works to unravels the secrets around Joey Lynch’s life, while he desperately fights to keep her out.

He’s a boy made of fire, and he’s about to meet his match.

The second son in a broken marriage, Joey Lynch has spent a lifetime picking up the pieces of an unraveling family. When his older brother skips town, twelve-year-old Joey finds himself thrown into the role of protector to his mother and younger siblings, plagued by self-loathing and furious with the world. Soon, he finds himself teetering precariously close to a life of addiction that threatens to swallow him whole. The only light in his dark seas is Aoife. His boss’s firecracker daughter. His classmate. And soon, something far more complicated.

 Aoife Molloy has always moved forward, not backward. Bubbly, strong, and self-assured, she’s never feared being led astray, even by her own heart. That is, until her first day of secondary school, when she collides with a hotheaded boy who sparks a burning curiosity inside of her that only grows stronger by the day.

But their friendship is tangled and complex, full of unwinding secrets and feelings simmering beneath the surface. Aoife wants to let Joey in. Joey desperately fights to keep Aoife out. But even if it takes years, what’s between them is bound to combust.

And their hearts will never be the same.

Trigger Warnings: physical and verbal abuse, suicidal ideation, underage drinking, drug addiction, substance abuse, child exposed to rape, postnatal depression, death, teenage pregnancy.

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