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The Lost Metal : A Mistborn Novel

The Lost Metal : A Mistborn Novel

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Brandon Sanderson
BACKLIST | November 15, 2022
9781250880963, 1250880963
Trade Paperback
528 pages
Series: The Mistborn Saga
23.2 cm H | 21.8 cm W | 3.9 cm T | 544.3 g Wt
  • Fiction / Fantasy / Epic 
  • Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

A new Mistborn novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson

In the epic conclusion to the Wax and Wayne Mistborn series arc, Waxillium, Marasi, and Wayne travel to the rebellious city of Bilming. What they find there is beyond their wildest expectations.

Sanderson is one of our bestselling authors, and with this much-anticipated conclusion to his beloved Wax and Wayne series, fans will be dying to get their hands on this book.

The city of Bilming is trying to break away from the central government in Elendel, but it soon becomes clear to Wax and Wayne that the city is under the influence of the god Trell.

The conflicts of the Cosmere at large have come to Scadrial, and Trell doesn’t particularly care if the planet survives.

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