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The Night Hunt

The Night Hunt

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Alexandra Christo
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: October 10, 2023
9781250897442, 1250897440
Hardcover with dust jacket
384 pages | Announced 1st Print: 50K
21 cm H | 13.7 cm W | 2.5 cm T | 453.6 g Wt
  • Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Romance 
  • Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic

From the author of To Kill a Kingdom comes another dark YA fantasy romance about a monstrous girl who feeds on fear and the Gods-cursed boy who falls in love with her.

Atia is a monster who feeds on fear. As the last of her kind, she hides in the shadows of the world to escape the wrath of the unpredictable Gods. Silas is a Herald, carrying messages and ferrying the dead as punishment for a past he can’t remember. Stripped of his true name, he yearns to recover his identity.

Atia would never dream of allying with someone like him, but when she breaks a sacred law and the Gods send monsters to hunt her, Silas offers an irresistible deal: he’ll help avenge her family and take on the Gods who now hunt her, if she helps him break his curse and restore his humanity. All they need to do is kill three powerful creatures: a vampire, a banshee, and one of the very Gods who destroyed both their lives. Only together can they finally rewrite their destinies.

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