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Gregory Maguire
BACKLIST | On Sale Date: September 25, 2007
Ship Date: September 5, 2007
9780061350962, 0061350966
Mass Market
560 pages | Announced 1st Print: 750K
Series: Wicked Years
17.1 cm H | 10.6 cm W | 2.8 cm T | 258.5 g Wt
  • Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary

The beloved multi-million-copy-bestselling novel and basis of the Tony Award–winning musical and movie.

When Dorothy triumphed over the Wicked Witch of the West in L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, we heard only her side of the story. But what about her arch-nemesis, the mysterious Witch? Where did she come from? How did she become so wicked?

Wicked is about a land where animals talk and strive to be treated like first-class citizens, Munchkinlanders seek the comfort of middle-class stability, and the Tin Man becomes a victim of domestic violence. And then there is the little green-skinned girl named Elphaba, who will grow up to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West—a smart, prickly, and misunderstood creature who challenges all our preconceived notions about the nature of good and evil.

Gregory Maguire's groundbreaking New York Times bestseller redefines the land of Oz, its inhabitants, its Wizard, and the Emerald City, viewing the world created by L. Frank Baum through a darker and greener lens. Brilliantly inventive, Wicked offers a radical new portrait of one of the most feared and despised villains in all of literature: the universally maligned Wicked Witch of the West who, in Maguire’s imaginative retelling, isn’t nearly as black-hearted as we imagined.

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