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You've Reached Sam

You've Reached Sam

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Dustin Thao
FRONTLIST | On Sale Date: July 2, 2024
9781250762054, 1250762057
Trade Paperback
320 pages | Announced 1st Print: 100K
Includes color endpapers
21 cm H | 13.7 cm W | 2.5 cm T | 453.6 g Wt
  • Young Adult Fiction / Romance / Contemporary 
  • Young Adult Fiction / Diversity & Multicultural
  • Young Adult Fiction / Social Themes / Friendship
Ages 12 to 18
The blockbuster bestseller, now in trade paperback! If I Stay meets Your Name in this heartfelt novel about love and loss and what it means to say goodbye.

How do you move forward when everything you love in on the line?

Seventeen-year-old Julie has her future all planned out—move out of her small town with her boyfriend Sam, attend college in the city, spend asummer in Japan.

But then Sam dies. And everything changes.

Heartbroken, Julie skips his funeral, throws out his things, and tries everything to forget him and the tragic way he died. But a message Sam left behind in her yearbook forces back memories. Desperate to hear his voice one more time, Julie calls Sam’s cellphone just to listen to his voicemail.

And Sam picks up the phone.

In a miraculous turn of events, Julie’s been given a second chance at goodbye. The connection is temporary. But hearing Sam’s voice makes her fall for him all over again and, with each call, it becomes harder to let him go. However, keeping her otherworldly calls with Sam a secret isn’t easy, especially when Julie witnesses the suffering Sam’s family is going through. Unable to stand by the sidelines and watch their shared loved ones in pain, Julie is torn between spilling the truth about her calls with Sam and risking their connection and losing him forever.

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